Introducing the extraordinary Sound Barrier sound system, born in the vibrant island of Jamaica but with a global reach! This state-of-the-art audio masterpiece seamlessly blends the rich musical heritage of Jamaica with cutting-edge technology. With its roots deeply embedded in the island’s reggae and dancehall culture, Sound Barrier has become a household name for music enthusiasts worldwide. What sets this sound system apart is its unique connection to a renowned radio station based in the heart of New York City. This radio station, broadcasting globally online, acts as a hub for Sound Barrier, ensuring that its exceptional beats and rhythms reverberate across the airwaves and reach the ears of music lovers everywhere. The proud creator, who happens to be the father of this revolutionary sound system, has ingeniously crafted a platform that effortlessly links the spirit of Jamaica to the rest of the world, fostering a global community united by the power of music.


Sound Barrier Radio is the ultimate destination for your favorite music streamed live & precise playlist structure on demand. We also provide the opportunity to promote and establish Artist and entrepreneurs all across the world. With our Catalog of music videos and podcasts we provide the ultimate entertainment anywhere for the listener or viewer.

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